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Auto Bagging Machine
The first automatic packaging machine manufacturing enterprise in China.
Automatic bagging machine is a kind of packaging equipment suitable for pillow type bag, which is used for taking bag, slipping the bag on the bag clamping top by robot arm, material filling and sealing operation.
Auto bagging machine for PP
Auto packaging machine is running in feed enterprises
Moveable auto bagging machine
Auto bagging machine for compound fertilizer
Auto bagging machine for pure alkali
Auto bagging machine for urea
Product Features
Using the bionic robot hand instead of manual bagging, fast speed, high safety.
It is especially suitable for auto bagging of double-layer bag in fertilizer industry and feed industry. Effectively reduce the cost of packaging bags.
The reliable and swift bag placement ensures that our spillage rate is much lower than that of other competitors.
Technical Parameters
Auto bagging capacity: Max1600 bags/h (25kg/bag, PP)
Packet weight: 20~50 kg/bag
Materials to be handled: PP, PVC, Feed, Pure alkali, Fertilizer etc.
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